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Goals For Your Website in the Initial Stages of a Start-Up

When starting a new business, the entrepreneur has a lot of considerations and issues on his table. He needs to meet with potential investors, figure out budgets, determine and hire a workforce, and seek out contract management solutions. The list goes on and on. For many such entrepreneurs, one of the first moves they make is to buy a domain and create a website.

In the initial stages of a start-up, the time, cost, and effort that goes into the creation of a website may seem like a waste. Unless your business will be operating solely online, the website is likely to be small, rarely visited, and nonessential for that first phase of growth. As a result, many experts advise against getting a site up and running in the early going. There is no reason not to buy a domain, they reason, and your time and effort is best spent elsewhere.

While this argument is can certainly be applicable to some start-ups, there are benefits that come from having a website from the get-go. These benefits, for the entrepreneur, should ultimately reflect the goals his wishes to achieve with his site in the early going. Here are a few of the main ones:


Having a website, even a small one that is rarely viewed, makes your business more credible from day 1. The website URL should be listed on your business’ Facebook page, in any mailings that you send out, and as part of the signature on your email. Even if people don’t visit the site much, seeing that URL will give you a boost of legitimacy.


Your site may not get many repeat visitors at first, but many people interested about your business will likely head there to get some information. This information should be clearly presented and readily available; after all, it will often comprise the first impression a potential consumer or investor gets of your company. Your website, then, should spell out a mission statement even if it initially contains little else.


As most entrepreneurs know, money can be extremely tight in the early phases of a new business. Although you are probably keeping costs low and actively courting investors, a little extra cash can still go a long way. To this end, by selling space for a few discrete ads on the side of your website’s homepage, you may be able to make that extra money without having to put in a whole lot of extra work.

These are just some of the main reasons why a website can be valuable in the early going. Even if it doesn’t reflect the final product, and even if it does cost you a bit of your time, having an up-and-running site is ultimately more beneficial than simply owning a domain.

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