September 9, 2015

No More Phone Books! Save the Environment

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I had a sinking feeling as I drove through my neighborhood.  Apparently it was YELLOW PHONE BOOK DAY.  It’s a special day where each porch is littered with useless yellow phone books. It breaks my little green heart to know that baby trees died.  It’s horrifying to think that we are filling our landfills for no reason.

WHEN would I use a phone book?  Ummmm – Never.

WHY? Because it’s not 1980!

WHO DOESN’T have 4 Apps on their phone that can find any phone number and provide directions and ratings for the business I’m trying to find.  I can even use Dexknows online with a few clicks.

WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?  A decision has been made.  I am breaking up with all 4 of the Phone Book Companies in my area.  I am Opting Out of Yellow and White Pages.  YellowPagesOptOut.  I added my address to the Opt Out site and my fingers are crossed that I will never, ever have to toss another phone book again.  That’s a win for the trees!

March 19, 2010

Green Tip = Find a carpool buddy

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Do you have good intentions, but can’t quite figure out a way to help save the planet? helps you find other commuters in the area for a safe, secure rideshare experience.  RideSearch provides the best possible matches for your commute, whether it is to work or some other destination. is committed to making our world better through carpooling. Save gas while reducing harmful car emissions and automobile wear and tear!

Check out their savings calculator at to see how much you can save.

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